4 Secrets To Becoming a Podcast Superstar

This is your chance to find fame, but not fortune on the Internet.

BY Dan Klass
Sep.14,2019 / UPDATED ON MAY.25,2021

Seems like everyone is listening to podcasts these days, and almost everyone is talking about starting one. And, itʼs not enough to start one; everyone wants to be an overwhelming success. So, hereʼs our guide to having a #1 podcast: 

1) Be or Become a Celebrity

Nothing is going to make your new podcast more popular than you being famous. Your fame means millions of people are gonna want to hear what you have to say. Otherwise, really, who cares, right? Possible alternative: know a lot of famous people. Youʼre gonna want to interview one per episode, so make sure you know at least 52 celebrities to get started. 

2) Regular Access to an Audio/Video Studio in a Major Metropolitan Area

Youʼll need a nice studio to invite your celebrity guests to, and they arenʼt gonna travel to Oshkosh to be on a podcast. Since so many podcasts are now shot on video, youʼre also gonna need a hairstylist and makeup artist, three camera operators, a gaffer, and several large fruit plates. 

3) A Juicy Story

If you donʼt know enough celebrities, youʼre gonna need to make an NPR-style true-crime docu-series. Promising subjects include a missing person case (must be young female), unsolved murder (of a young female), or a cold case investigation (into the disappearance or murder of a young female). Here's an easy case to help you get started: check out the real haunted car that committed murder.

4) Get a Million People to Listen

Simply post information about your podcast on your social media and voila! 

Youʼre #1! (In your family) 

Easy, right? No, but at least now you know what to do. And, weʼll give you a decent rate if you want to rent our office to record in ... 

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