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Celebrities Who Believe in Ghosts & Demons

This list might surprise you.

BY Matilda Sands
Sep.10,2019 / UPDATED ON MAY.23,2021

When you think about it, it makes total sense that ghosts and demons would target celebrities. If you’d traveled all the way from the underworld, would you waste your time trying to spook the girl swiping through dating apps while she waits for a Hot Pocket to warm up in the microwave?  

No! You’d glide straight up to Lady Gaga’s door, and if she didn’t answer you’d vaporize through the keyhole or blast through a window with your poltergeist powers.

Which is why Lady Gaga spent $47,000 on an Electro-Magnetic Field Reader, designed to detect ghosts and other paranormal presences. Ryan, a pesky spirit who haunted her on tours, was exorcised during a séance in Belfast.  

Ariana Grande once reported a profoundly spooky experience when her car suddenly filled with the smell of sulfur, a clear indication of a demonic presence. Or maybe the smell came from another source. Just saying.

In a former life, Phil Collins was a soldier who fought at the Battle of the Alamo. He regularly visits the site of his death, and has a knack for spotting paranormal “orbs.” 

Kesha had her genitals exorcised. Kylie Jenner’s shower turned on for no reason. Gigi Hadid befriended a ghost by making it a cup of tea. Matthew McConaughey shared a house with a spirit called Madame Blu.

Clearly, it would make more sense to name the celebrities who don’t believe in ghosts. A fascination with the paranormal is often linked to a personal desire to defeat death—or a fear of becoming a nobody. And one way to stay alive is to stay famous. Speaking of which, now you, too, can be famous.

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