6 Signs You Might Be Raising a Psychopath

If you're a parent and reading this article doesn't make you nervous or angry ... you're lucky.

BY Alan Bursky
Nov.25,2019 / UPDATED ON JAN.23,2020

A British psychiatrist listed six traits that could hint that your child might be a psychopath. Perhaps you might want to watch out for them.

1. Superficially CharmingThey seem charming, but when they see people in distress, they don’t care. Really? In this day and age, everyone is superficially charming. Meet a politician campaigning. Your kid is just a spoiled brat. By the way, in Los Angeles, for instance, everyone is superficially charming.

2. They Feel No Guilt Or Remorse. Your kid has the makings of a great politician. Should be in Congress. Even President. See number 1. 

3. Fascinated By Certain Things. The British psychiatrist who wrote the article included things like technology on his list. Give me a break! Who today is not fascinated by technology? I am fascinated by how the light goes on when I open the refrigerator door. Do you know any enthusiastic hobbyists? They can be more than fascinated, they are obsessive.

4. Short Temper. You raised a self-entitled jerk. Watch any sporting event. Go to a hockey game.

5. Punishment Insensitive. I find this one funny. Do parents today punish their kids anymore? Some kids are tougher than others. Some can take their punishment like a man. Or today like a woman.  

6. Lack of Empathy. Today movies and video games have entirely desensitized kids. And some kids just don’t like people. They are loners. Very shy. 100% nerds, and are socially awkward. They might be anti-social, but that doesn’t make them a psychopath.

So far, this list pretty much describes every millennial I have ever met, a list that also includes every movie star and celebrity. If you find your child torturing small animals, pulling the wings off of flies, your child has the makings of a psychopath. Does your child like abusing people and animals? Then they have the makings of a psychopath. Does your kid surf the Internet looking for horrific images and videos? Does your kid laugh and enjoy other people’s pain and troubles? Again, your child has the makings of a psychopath.

Maybe it’s time for therapy and meds. Want to see the real walking dead? Turn off the Internet. You will see millions and millions of kids wandering aimlessly. Discipline your kids. Teach them right from wrong. Teach them manners. Teach them respect for others and themselves. Get them out of their room and into the fresh air to play. Teach them how to get along with others.

Maybe we are all really psychopaths. I wonder what would happen if we really did have a day like the Purge from the movie. Video games and films get more violent and incredibly graphic every year. People use to crowd to see executions. The Romans filled stadiums to see torture and killings. Has human nature really changed in 2000 years? It wasn’t really that long ago when public executions were banned.  

On the Internet every day, it shows some monster torturing some poor dog. On the news almost every day, some other monster has killed and tortured a child. You have to take some kind of test or get a license today for pretty much everything. But any two psychopaths can get together, and raise another psychopath, without any government oversight. 

You are having problems with your child? You raised him that way. Your kid is a product of you. Not the school system. Not society. I am glad I don’t have any kids. The name for the next generation should be called Generation Psychopath. 

So let’s recap. You raised a spoiled, selfish, self-entitled jerk. Here is the best number one sign if your child is a psychopath. If your kid is hearing voices from God. Especially coming from your neighbor’s dog, your kid is a psychopath! Now I have to get back to sharpening my collection of old farming tools. You have no idea how hard it is to file the serial number off of a handgun.  

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