The Single Most Transformational Beauty Product You Can Use

Learn how to color yourself beautiful.

BY Ophelia Frank
Sep.10,2019 / UPDATED ON FEB.28,2020

Beauty may well be in the eye of the beholder, but as for beauty products, we’re undoubtedly partial.  Is there anything equivalent to lipstick’s abilities of near-immediate transformation?  We think not.  A single swipe of pigment has the potential to both enhance and empower, complementing and reflecting the aesthetic of its wearer.  While lipstick’s timeless, even iconic position within makeup’s hierarchy is beyond dispute, the rituals of its application (and, inevitably, re-application) can overwhelm. Here, we offer a refined sequence to inspire standout results.

1.)  Begin with gentle exfoliation.  We favor the nourishing properties of a simple sugar scrub.  Mix a half-spoonful of brown sugar in the palm of your hand with equal parts raw honey.  Once blended, apply in circular motions to the surface of the lips, then rinse.  The result?  Smooth, supple perfection.

2.)  Consider color.  Options verge on the infinite: are you drawn toward muted nudes or rosy browns a shade or two deeper than your skin tone?  Vibrant corals?  Luminous, classic reds?  Most often, we ourselves end up blending two or three shades to create a custom hue.  Experiment to discover what makes you look and feel your best.

3.)  While fishing a gilded bullet out of your handbag and applying directly from tube-to-lip evokes a certain, decidedly cinematic glamour, lipstick should actually be applied with your fingertips.  This tactic creates the sensation of melting color onto the skin, allowing for the gradual accumulation of pigment.  Tap to slightly diffuse your selected shade along the border of your lips—this presents the illusion of a fuller, more dimensional pout.

4.)  Blot, then re-apply to ensure coverage.  A second coat sets the lipstick in place to ensure intense, saturated color and shine.

5.)  And while this final tip isn’t as technique-based as those which have preceded it, we’re inclined to finish off any lipstick application with a smile—the ultimate ‘must’ in every beauty arsenal!

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