Your Makeup Might Be Killing You

You've worn old makeup before. Read this and you never will again.

BY Brooke Feldman
Oct.13,2019 / UPDATED ON FEB.28,2020

Admit it. You’ve done it. You’ve gone through your makeup drawer and found makeup from 5, 8, 12 years ago. And yes, you used it. Although makeup doesn’t have an expiration date written on it, it does expire. So what really happens when you put expired makeup on your face?


How does it expire?

Unlike with most other things, your makeup starts to expire once you start to use it, not once you buy or open it. That’s because bacteria get strapped in your makeup and begins to add up immediately. 


When is it expired? 

Makeup products only last for a few months to a few years! One way to test if it’s expired is to compare it to a new one. If the color, odor, and/or texture differs, it’s time to throw it away. Generally you can stick to the rule of throwing away mascara after three months, lipstick after one year, foundation after six months to a year, and blush after two years. 


How bad is it?

As the bacteria in your makeup builds up over time, you become more susceptible to a harmful reaction. This can lead to a break out, infection, and/or inflammation. And when it comes to eye makeup it can lead to pink eye.  


Tips for making it last.

Certain ways of dealing with makeup can actually make it last longer. For your favorite foundation, make sure to always drip onto the back of your hand, keeping it away from your skin. Keep items like lipstick, lipliners, and eyeliners in cool, dry places, which means storing makeup in your bathroom might not be the best option.


The truth is, of course, you’re already beautiful. But a little makeup isn’t going to hurt you, providing it hasn’t expired.

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