vitamin deficiency
HealthAlan Bursky
JAN.15,2020 / UPDATED ON JAN.19,2020

Vitamins are a Waste of Money

Aren't there more fun things you can waste money on other than vitamins?

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 yoga teacher
HealthAlexis Orgera
JAN.07,2020 / UPDATED ON JAN.08,2020

Confessions of an Almost Yoga Teacher

So, you want to share your love of yoga with others? Hopefully, you’ll come to your senses.

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breakfast is the most important meal
HealthRick Bursky
DEC.28,2019 / UPDATED ON JAN.09,2020

The Importance of Breakfast & Other Health Myths

It's amazing how easy it is to fool people, especially when it comes to health.

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HealthRick Bursky
SEP.10,2019 / UPDATED ON OCT.24,2019

We Know What Day of the Week You’ll Die, Really.

Some days are more dangerous than others.

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heart attack
HealthRick Bursky
SEP.18,2019 / UPDATED ON FEB.21,2020

Good Morning. You’re About to Have a Heart Attack

Waking up might be the most dangerous thing you do in a day.

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HealthRick Bursky
OCT.03,2019 / UPDATED ON OCT.14,2019

Women Could Be Allergic to Sex. It's a Real Allergy.

Allergic to sex, perhaps one of the worst allergies you can have.

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rare allergies
HealthRick Bursky
OCT.25,2019 / UPDATED ON NOV.06,2019

6 Allergies That Are Too Crazy To Be Real … But They Are.

If you don’t have any of these allergies be happy. If you do, be careful.

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HealthRick Bursky
SEP.11,2019 / UPDATED ON NOV.05,2019

60 is the New 50, or How to Get Old and Stay Sexy

You shouldn't give up your gym membership just because you're getting older.

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HealthOphelia Frank
SEP.10,2019 / UPDATED ON OCT.16,2019

The Single Most Transformational Beauty Product You Can Use

Learn how to color yourself beautiful.

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Keck School of Medicine
HealthRick Bursky
OCT.15,2019 / UPDATED ON OCT.15,2019

Finally, a cure for the common cold?

You have a cold and you're miserable, here's what you do.

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HealthAlexis Orgera
SEP.16,2019 / UPDATED ON OCT.14,2019

2 Ways to Prevent a Migraine

If you suffer from migraines it might be painful to ignore this article.

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HealthBrooke Feldman
OCT.13,2019 / UPDATED ON OCT.14,2019

Your Makeup Might Be Killing You

You've worn old makeup before. Read this and you never will again.

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